Potero Chico, Mexico - Trip Report - February 2002

The Plan

I saw Kurt Smith's slideshow at an access fund party and it was the first time I saw the cliffs of Potrero Chico. I never dreamed I would get the opportunity to go so soon afterwards. Ethan and Bob planned a trip and last minute I got the OK from the family to go along! I made a compromise with Jonathan that I would stay home on the weekends so I would have more time with the family, and just go for 5 days.

The Accommodations

We made reservations to stay at Rancho Cerro Gordo, the climber resort of Kurt Smith and Mel Gutierrez (unfortunately, 1 week after we left, this partnership broke up and got very ugly, with Mel kicking Kurt out). It was a wonderful place with wonderful people, sad that it had to end in an ugly story.

Trying to pack light, I brought too light a foam pad and didn't sleep well every night. But everyone went to bed so early every night, I got more sleep than I ever get at home! Every night we could hear coyotes yipping in chorus, and every morning was a slew of cock-a-doodle-doos coming from every direction.

Before I got there

So Ethan, Bob and Roger left for Mexico on Friday, February 15th . Ethan wrote up a trip report for those 3 days of arriving and climbing. They travelled on Saturday and arrived early enough to do some climbing on the Super Mini wall. Sunday they climbed at the Mota Wall, and Monday they climbed the Spires. Ethan left to meet me at camp and Bob and Roger continued climbing on the Jungle Wall.

My climbing trip reports

Ethan's Route Reports and Beta


Muchas Gracias to Ethan, who is not only the best climbing partner ever, but was also a huge help in providing trip reports, photos and beta, as well as gentle but frequent reminders that I needed to finish these web pages. Also muchas gracias to Bob and Roger who also provided many pictures to the galleries, good times, and safe belays. And thanks to all who patiently awaited the completion of the 2002 Mexico trip report.

Sticky Bob and Roger,
Ethan and Jannette.
Went to Potrero Chico
the plans were done and set.

The climbers there were friendly,
the locals were great too.
Ethan attempted Spanish
but the poor man's got no clue.

The weather was just perfect
the sun was shining bright.
but drinking cervesa caguamas
made my blue jeans too tight!

The oatmeal was all pasty.
The poptarts were too sweet.
Buying eggs was a good idea,
something edible to eat!

Snot Girlz spanked me silly.
I thrashed and cursed and fell.
If it wasn't for those 10d pitches,
I could say I climbed real well.

It was a dream vacation.
Sunshine, climbing and good friends.
It all was over too soon.
I didn't want it to ever end.

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