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Colorado – Boulder, Colorado Springs areas

Boulder, Colorado Springs and other central Colorado areas

Central Colorado Area

Dates Crag Climbs Partners

August 2007

Garden of the Gods, Red Rock Canyon Open Space,
Elevenmile Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Flatirons
Garden: Potholes (5.8), Montezuma’s Tower (5.8), New Era (5.7).
Red: various.
Elevenmile: various on Arch Dome, Elevenmile Dome.
Boulder: Cozy Hang (5.7).
3rd Flatiron.
Hiking to Lake Isabelle
Carol Garfinkel, Stewart Green, Martha Moore, Barbara Zlebek

July 21, 2001
Happy Hour Crag, Boulder Canyon family toproping: I, Robot (5.7), The Big Spit (5.9), easy gully me, Jonathan and kids with Blair, Donna, Kendall, Peter

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