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Information About the Gunks for Your Visit

Ahhh, the Gunks. My home crag. My first time climbing ever was a trip with my college outing club to the Gunks back in 1981. I visited the Gunks many weekends since then until I was able to move here full-time in 2010. I've answered questions over and over for people who come to visit here and figured it would be a good idea to write down all this Gunks beta and make it available to all. Hope it's helpful, and please comment if you have more questions or if I've missed anything important.


About the Gunks

Getting to the Gunks

Climbing at the Gunks

Gunks Routes

Where to eat near the Gunks

Where to sleep near the Gunks

What else to do near the Gunks

Restaurants in Gardiner

Map of Gardiner, NY, near the Gunks, with restaurants highlighted.

Restaurants in Gardiner The main climbing areas of the Gunks are in the town of Gardiner, which has a small number of restaurants. While there are a couple of eateries near the intersection of Rt. 299 and Rt. 44-55, most of the other places are closer to the village of Gardiner, which is further west …

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