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Do My Chores – Win My Heart <3

Magnet on my refrigerator that says "No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes"Want to show me you care? Want to win my heart and earn my devotion?

Flowers are very nice, a romantic dinner is tasty, but to really turn me on, do my chores. Yes. It doesn’t sound sexy, it may sound like a housewife’s cliche, but it really is a turn-on!

Why? Face it, no one wants to do chores. The whole concept of a “chore” is something you are obligated to do regularly but you would rather be doing something else. I am a working mom, putting in full time hours and often more, and my weekends are precious to me. That’s when I want to get outside, get some exercise, see friends, be with my children. The last thing I want to do with my precious free time is clean the toilet and pull weeds.

Be My Knight in Shining Apron!

Seeing that I’m tired, stressed or burnt out is the cue that I really need help. Even when I’m not on the brink of exhaustion, the offer is always appreciated. By offering to do what needs to be done that no one wants to do is showing me that you care. You care about me enough to do something unpleasant or mundane to take a load off of my shoulders. A romantic dinner out is fun for both of us – that’s a no-brainer, any guy can do that. But taking on a sucky chore is the ultimate sign that you care because I know you don’t want to do it, and I most certainly don’t either. Cooking something I’ll love is another way to show attention and thoughtfulness. Any guy can buy chocolates for me. But bake me a puff pastry covered in wild mushrooms and goat cheese? Now that’s special and I’ll gush about you to everyone.

Photo of a man's hands with a rolling pin on dough, making puff pastry.

Strong male climber hands making puff pastry.

So don’t tell me that relationships are only about intimacy, sex, romance, and that sharing in chores is just mundane daily life and has nothing to do with the success of our union. Want to impress me and prove that you care? Get to work! Be my man in shining apron. Rescue me on your white lawn tractor. Protect me with your weed whacker and snuggle me with freshly washed bed sheets. Then I will know that you love me, not for your own satisfaction, but because you really care. (Of course, there’s a chance you’re doing it because I suck at it and you can’t take the mess anymore, but let’s not go there right now – that’s not the point of this essay).

Help Mommy -> Get Stuff

A photograph of my daughter clearing muck from the outlet of our pond.

My daughter clearing muck from our pond’s outlet.

Kids, you’re not off the hook. This goes for children as well. You want me to buy you that latest gadget? Give you a ride someplace when it means I’ll have to end my climbing day earlier? Need me to spend my entire evening helping you with an overdue school project instead of finishing my own work project? Earn some good deed credits and help mommy out. Just think of how happy I’ll be when I get home from work and you’ve emptied and loaded the dishwasher and I have a clean kitchen and empty sink so I can cook you a healthy dinner. You vacuumed the house? Wow! I can’t wait to take you shopping for all that stuff you wanted.


So are you with me on this? Feeling like tidying? Make my day. :-)


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