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Restaurants in New Paltz

Main Street, downtown New Paltz. Photo by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Daniel_Case

Downtown New Paltz, NY

Restaurants in New Paltz

There are lots and lots of restaurants in New Paltz, catering to just about everyone’s taste. I’ve divided them up by type of food, and provided maps to show which are in which areas of New Paltz. There are many more restaurants than I’ve listed, but I only felt I should review those I’ve been to at least twice. Summary of my thoughts? Variety of beer and billards? Go to Bacchus. Microbrews and outside seating? Gilded Otter. Big TVs and sports watching? McGillicuddy’s. Asian food? Bangkok Cafe or Pho Tibet. Breakfast? Main Street Bistro, B-Side or The Bakery. Best pizza? Rocco’s in the Tops Plaza. Romantic dinner out? Garvans.

This list had a serious culling after the 2020 pandemic when many favorite restaurants closed for good. There are many other restaurants we haven’t tried yet, and seems like food prices have gone up enough that we’re not eating out as much as we used to. But I have added some other new favorites. There are plenty of good restaurants in New Paltz!


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Restaurants to Drink Beer At

Bacchus Restaurant

4 S. Chestnut St, New Paltz, NY – (845)255-8636
When I started climbing at the Gunks in the 1980s, this was where we always went after climbing. Since then the food and service has gone downhill. I still occasionally get a tasty meal there, but it seems a bit overpriced for the quality. My current favorite is the Pork Tenderloin (bacon wrapped medallions served wth a horse radish-apple cream sauce, garlic mashed potatoes & veggies). Looking for an obscure favorite beer? Try Bacchus. They have a ridiculous collection of beer here, the beer menu is just about as big as the food menu and they have their own brews now. They also have a billards hall connected to the restaurant if that’s your thing. There is a different menu for the downstairs bar from the upstairs dining room, but you can order mix it up a bit if you ask. They serve brunch, lunch and dinner and have a kid’s menu. They’re located a couple of stores down Rt. 208 South, right off of the main intersection in “downtown” New Paltz.

The Gilded Otter Brewing Company (Clemson Brothers)

3 Main St, New Paltz, NY – (845) 256-1700
Very popular restaurant and bar, beautiful building, but definitely lacking in sound proofing. Go on a nice day and sit outside where it’s quieter and you have a nice view of Skytop.

McGillicuddy’s Restaurant

84 Main St, New Paltz, NY – (845) 256-9289
Nothing special but fine for standard decent American bar food, with attentive service. Sports on the TV. They have event nights, such as live DJ, poker, trivia.

P & G’s Restaurant

P&G's restaurant in New Paltz, a landmark.91 Main St, New Paltz, NY – (845) 255-6161
Bar, decent bar-style food like burgers and sandwiches, good selection of beer on tap. Popular with bikers as well as college students. Landmark corner building over 100 years old.


General/American Restaurants

Mohonk Mountain House

View of the beautiful Mohonk Mountain House Resort on Lake Mohonk.

Mohonk Mountain House Resort

1000 Mountain Rest Rd, New Paltz, NY – (845) 256-2056
While the address is in New Paltz, this spectacular resort hotel is quite a ways out of town. If you have lots of money and have nicer clothes than what you climbed in, it’s worth a trip to see this beautiful place. Note that I said lots of money, this is not a casual affair. You will need to make reservations so that you’re on the list at the entrance gate and can drive up to the hotel and park. You’re expected to dress neatly and for dinner, it is required that men wear jackets. Their Sunday brunch buffets are enormous and will run you about $55 for an adult. They often have separate buffet tables for children’s tastes. The cost for overnight guests includes all the meals, and at least when I was there a few years ago, they often seat people together with others at tables to encourage socializing. I recall that the food was quite good, plentiful and the selection varied. It might be something worth doing if you have a special occasion to celebrate while you’re visiting the Gunks. If you want to spend the night, prepare to pay hundreds a night, but it’s a really special place and one of the last of the great Catskills resorts.

Garvan’s Gastropub

215 Huguenot Street, New Paltz, NY – (845) 255-7888
Next to the golf course at the far end of Huguenot Street (away from the Bridge) is Garvan’s (go on 32 North to get to this part of Huguenot St). This is a nice place for a date night, special occasions, and good, fresh, local food. But the best thing about Garvan is Garvan himself. With his pleasant Irish accent, he comes to your table, chats with you, and you can show up 5 years later and he still remembers you. The hospitality is beyond compare for any other establishment in the area. 


The Bakery

13 N Front St, New Paltz, NY (845) 255-8840
Down a side street from where P&G’s Restaurant is you’ll find The Bakery. Tasty pastries,egg dishes, bagels and coffee, good sandwiches, soups and salads for lunch. Seating upstairs or outside. Very popular. (2024: New ownership, haven’t been there since, so offerings may have changed).

Main Street Bistro

59 Main St, New Paltz, NY – (845) 255-7766 – all week breakfast & lunch; dinner only Fri & Sat nights
Seems like this place always has a line out the door, especially on weekend mornings. Excellent breakfast selection, creative choices, quiche, sandwiches, soups, along with bagels and muffins to go. For lunch and dinner, it’s eclectic American food and vegetarian entrees. It’s a good choice for breakfast if the line isn’t too long.

B-Side Grill

62 Main St, New Paltz, NY – (845) 256-0100
Decent breakfast place across the street from the Main St. Bistro. So when the line is too long, you can cross the street and eat breakfast here. Fun old album covers line the walls. They also serve burgers.


New Paltz Plaza Diner

27 New Paltz Plz, New Paltz, NY – (845) 255-1030
This diner is in the large Tops plaza, not far from the Thruway exit. It’s decent. I go here for a fast hot breakfast, and their belgian waffles are usually pretty good. Service is usually fast, food is… well, diner food.


Pizza and Italian Restaurants

La Stazione

5 Main St, New Paltz, NY 12561 – (845) 256-9447
La Stazione is a casual but slightly upscale italian restaurant in the historic old New Paltz train station building, next door to the Gilded Otter Brewing Company. It’s under new ownership, not sure how it’s changed.

Rocco’s Pizza

4 New Paltz Plz, New Paltz, NY – (845) 255-7161
This is my favorite of the New Paltz pizzerias. It’s in the Tops Plaza, near the movie theater. Because of the theater, it can get very crowded, as it’s a small place. While they have entrees as well, I go there for the pizza. Nice selection of pizzas, especially the square ones with the sliced mozzarella, tomato, basil on it (I believe it’s the caprese one). The garlic knots were my kids’ favorite – buttery greasy and garlicky.

Asian Restaurants

By the way, I have yet to find any edible Chinese food in the New Paltz area. Then again, I’m picky because my mom was a Chinese cooking teacher.

PHO Tibet

58 Main Street, New Paltz, NY – (845) 633-6442
In the distinctive building on Main Street with the huge front windows, PHO Tibet is a casual asian restaurant with really delicious pho soup, noodles, momos (dumplings) and spring rolls. 

Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant

18 Church St, New Paltz, NY – (845)256-0621
Located off a side street from the main section of New Paltz is a little corner Japanese restaurant. Food here is good, but I haven’t been there in a few years. My daughter, who speaks Japanese, said it isn’t run by Japanese people.

Mexican Style Restaurants

Los Jalapenos

25 N Chestnut St, New Paltz, NY – (845) 255-9000
Been here a handful of times. Good Mexican food, very casual, slightly cramped inside, with a couple of tables on the street. Their guacamole is made fresh to order. They have horchata on their drink menu! 

La Charla

127 Main Street New Paltz, New York – (845) 633-8276
La Charla is a higher-end Mexican restaurant with lovely decor, a bar, and some nice dishes beyond the usual burritos. Food is tasty and slightly more expensive than you’d expect for Mexican food, but not too bad.

Fast But Healthy Deli/Takeout/Other

Karma Road Restaurant, New Paltz.Karma Road Organic Cafe

11 Main St, New Paltz, NY – (845) 255-1099
Karma road is a funky little cafe next to the bike store, downhill towards the bridge. If you like smoothies and shakes, this is the place to go. They have organic local vegetarian food in the form of soup, salads, and an enticing variety of hot and cold foods in their deli case. Last time I was there, I had a sample of 3 items for lunch which blew me away. Delicious!

Main Course Catering and Restaurant

175 Main St, New Paltz, NY – (845) 255-2650
Main Course is mostly known for their catering, but they do have a shop in town with some tables to eat at or take out. The food is absolutely fantastic and made from fresh local ingredients. You get what you pay for, it’s not cheap, but worth it. Despite looking like a take-out place, sit-down service is very slow.

Fast Food Chains

Burger King – 238 Main Street, New Paltz (845)255-3071

Dunkin’ Donuts – 250 Main Street, New Paltz (845) 255-7685

McDonalds – 261 Main Street, New Paltz (845) 255-8141

Starbucks – 1 Plattekill Avenue, New Paltz (845) 256-9815

Stewart’s – 76 North Chestnut St, New Paltz (845) 255-4382

Subway – 234 Main St # 4, New Paltz (845) 256-6425



Wide view of New Paltz showing eateries east of the main intersection all the way to the Thruway (click to see full size). Note – this was made a while ago – some of the restaurants highlighted are no longer there.

Map of Restaurants - New Paltz, Wide View

Map of Restaurants in New Paltz, NY


Map of Restaurants in New Paltz on the West end near the Wallkill Bridge

West end of New Paltz near the Wallkill Bridge

Map of Restaurants in the Downtown Intersection of New Paltz

Restaurants in the downtown main intersection of New Paltz

Map of Restaurants in the Center of New Paltz, showing side streets

Restaurants on the side streets of downtown New Paltz

Last updated: 2/6/2024


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