Ames Wall - Ophir, Colorado

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July 2001 - We didn't climb here, but took some pictures.  Take a look at the description below and you will probably understand why.  There are only 6 established routes in the guidebook for this large wall.

From Telluride Rocks:

This big cliff averaging 600 feet tall has largely been neglected by climbers.  Better known of it's classic ice climb, the Ames Wall is one of the most adventurous places to climb anywhere!  The few established rock climbs are rather good, and exciting routes.

Most of the routes here were originally done in four pitches of varying lengths.  However, it is decidedly better to rappel the route than climb through the manky crud to the top.  Expect loose rock and route finding challenges on this seldom visited cliff.
The top and bottom layers of rock comprising the Ames Wall make for some horrendous climbing, due to their dirty, loose and generally crappy nature!  There is reason why most of these routes don't top out.  Be ready to bail out - possibly from your own gear, and bring plenty of runners.  Good adventurous climbing awaits those who are up for it!

Ames Wall -Ophir, COAmes Wall -Ophir, COAmes Wall -Ophir, CO