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Colorado – Boulder, Colorado Springs Areas

Boulder, Colorado Springs and other central Colorado areas

There’s so much climbing to be done in the central Colorado area that I can’t begin to go into details. Remember that the older climbing areas, like Boulder Canyon, have old-time stiffer grades. When the kids were little, we spent a day climbing in Boulder Canyon with them. The approach, a steep trail, was no problem for them, and we top roped with a bunch of old friends from our college days. I went back to Colorado in 2007 without the kids, having a great time climbing in the Colorado Springs area (Garden of the Gods, Elevenmile Canyon) and the Boulder area (Flatirons and Boulder Canyon). I returned again with the kids in 2010 for a quick trip on our way from Wyoming to Denver, with a little climbing in Boulder Canyon.

Central Colorado Area

Dates Crag Climbs Partners

August 2007

Garden of the Gods, Red Rock Canyon Open Space,
Elevenmile Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Flatirons
Garden: Potholes (5.8), Montezuma’s Tower (5.8), New Era (5.7).
Red: various.
Elevenmile: various on Arch Dome, Elevenmile Dome.
Boulder: Cozy Hang (5.7).
3rd Flatiron.
Hiking to Lake Isabelle
Carol Garfinkel, Stewart Green, Martha Moore, Barbara Zlebek

July 21, 2001
Happy Hour Crag, Boulder Canyon family toproping: I, Robot (5.7), The Big Spit (5.9), easy gully me, Jonathan and kids with Blair, Donna, Kendall, Peter

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