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Mexico – Potrero Chico

Potrero Chico, Nuevo Leon – Mexico

Potrero Chico, Nueva Leon, Mexico

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BETA! General information and gallery of photos

Ethan’s Mini Guide to El Potrero Chico (pdf)

February 2010
Pictures from me and others on the trip – climbing, Hidalgo various many new and old friends

February 2008
Pictures from me and others on the trip – climbing, Hidalgo, and Monterrey various Chris Moratz, Bruce Consiglio, Brian Senecal, Elaine Matthews,
Kimberly Carlson, Sandra Nencetti, Nancy Pompeo, Beth McLendon, Dane Bass, Simeon Heimowitz,
and various others.

Feb 25-Mar 5, 2006
The Spires, Outrage Wall, Jungle Wall, El Toro, Virgin Canyon Santori, Aguja Celo Rey, Space Boyz and many others Ethan, Park, Steve

Feb 19-22, 2002
Las Estrellas, The Spires, Mota Wall, Jungle Wall, Virgin Canyon Estrellita, Las Chimuelas, Aguja Celo Rey, Space Boyz, Snot Girlz and many others Ethan, Bob, Roger

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