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New York – West Point Poison Ivy Wall

West Point Poison Ivy Wall Climbfest Gallery of Photographs

The West Point Climbing Team used to hold an annual ClimbFest, where Gunks climbers and West Point Cadets are paired up and climb as many climbs in their category of difficulty as they can in four hours. It’s a casual and friendly competition, followed by a BBQ, awards and raffle prizes. The Poison Ivy Wall is on the Hudson River, next to the train tracks, and is not officially open to the public.


ClimbFest at the West Point Poison Ivy Wall, in 2010.


Shawangunks – New York

Dates Crag Climbs Partners

October 17, 2010
West Point Poison Ivy Wall ClimbFest Me, Ethan, Sue, Ariel, numerous cadets & Gunks climbers


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